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Hand Knotted Carpet:-

Hand Knotted Carpets are made by using techniques developed by Persian weavers centuries ago. They incorporate designs based on the Indo Persian and Mughal Styles. The knottage ranges from 25 to 425 Knots per square inch. As the creation of these require great deal of both time & skill, they are sophisticated and high end.

Hand Tufted Carpet:-

Hand Tufted Carpets are versatile, trend-conscious which can lend version effects from the formal to the casual, from the Persian to the floral. They require a shorter time to weave and are less expensive. This quality has gained immense popularity in recent times as they are fashion oriented and affordable.

Handloom Carpets :-

Handloom Carpets are made in plain and stripe designs and also embossed and carved made of wool, viscose and wool blends. Handloom Carpets are popular due to their modern and simple design and soft surface that is comfortable to walk on.

Handwoven Dhurry:-
Woollen, Hemp & Leather, Cotton & Chenille

Dhurries are flat-weave pile - less made on horizontal looms. It incorporates a wide variety of designs ranging from simple tribal patterns to trendy geometrics. It is much lighter than Hand Knotted of Hand Tufted Carpets. Modern version extensively use a wider range of contemporary colour to brighten and beautify home.

Cotton Bath Rug:-

Cotton Bath Rug is an easy way to protect bathroom floor from the high traffic it receives. Cotton Rug boasts rich texture and softness. Cotton fibre absorbs moisture and breathes it out again just as easily making it the ideal choice. Available in different colours, shapes and sizes, they make bathroom living simplier.

  • Reversible Bath rugs
  • Single faced rugs
  • Printed Bath rugs
  • Reversible Shaped Rugs
  • Tufted Rugs